Do you already work with a general contractor or do you take responsibility for construction and project management using internal resources? But you are looking for an excellent partner regarding shopfitting / furniture / interior fit out, who can take on the entire job of finishing guest areas for you.

What we can do for you:

  • Design planning – in-house production – delivery – assembly
  • Furniture such as wall coverings, cabinets, partitions, countertops or lockers
  • Loose furniture (e.g. tables, chairs, couches or barstools)
  • All other complementary functional or decorative elements (including lighting)

If you would like to leave the complete package and interface management to us, have a look at REINHOLD KELLER as a general contractor. Otherwise, read about our scope of services as an partner for shopfitting / furniture / interior fit out…

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Of course, this is also where our one face to the customer policy comes into its own. During the entire implementation of your interior design, you have a contact with the appropriate expertise. Because our project managers have the experience in realising several thousand projects in different sectors such as restaurant chains, hotels, retail stores and fitness chains. So, we coordinate all the development and production processes for you until completion on the construction site.

As such, we also deliberately attach great importance within the company to short and efficient communication channels and have always consistently insisted on expanding our internal resources. This means coordination between all the project-relevant players takes place in a brief kickoff meeting immediately after defining the final project. This saves you a lot of time.


Of course, we are happy to support you in your shop design concept for your restaurant chain, your hotel, your retail store or your fitness center. We see ourselves as your partner transferring your ideas and visions into a sustainable concept.

The first thing we do is listening carefully to you: What idea is driving you? Who do you want to address as a customer, who is your target audience? How many guests do you expect per day? What is the USP of your concept? Do you already have an existing store concept that you would like to adapt? And finally, the hard facts: expansion plan and budget?

Based on your answers we start creating a so called mood board that shows you different examples of colors and materials. As soon as we have decided together what meets your expectation the most, you will receive from us a concept that is viable, executable and appropriate for everyday use.

The huge benefit for you: our design is based on the internal know-how of our furniture designers and project managers as well as the network of our procurement department. Because the most attractive design is of no use to you, if it is not within your budget, too expensive to maintain or is not even accepted by the market you are involved in.


At this point, we once again assume the role of your sparring partner. Because for shopfitting ideas ready for rollout you need more than ever someone at your side who will optimize your costs with creative and realistic proposals. Our development and design department and our globally acting central procurement department develop your project from a qualitative and commercial perspective and thus make your ideas and visions ready for prime time.


Made in Germany – Quality and efficiency are what we focus on in our final production too. Which is why we invest continuously in our production sites and develop them constantly. The core of our business – the furniture production – is one of the best and most modern production facilities in Europe. Directly from our design department, it is fed with extremely precise 3D data. We avoid unnecessary calibrations, which means we can complete your project faster and respond to follow-up orders more flexibly.

We have perfect additions to our furniture production, such as our own production facilities for stainless steel and upholstery. They mean we can reproduce construction elements that are made of wood, stainless steel and upholstered fabrics directly and internally – another clear benefit for you when it comes to faster production and implementation times. Plus, any follow-up orders can be handled directly.

Another benefit for you is that our subsidiary MB DIGITALPRINT is not only a manufacturer but also the market leader in the graphic composite panel sector. What does this mean for you? You can plan your customized design in your store, hotel, restaurant and have this appear consistently on ceilings, walls, counters or even on furniture. In heavy use areas, foil is often not the best choice. We print your design directly on the element itself – and it is absolutely durable and sustainable.


Maximum efficiency in production management is of no use, however, if your furniture does not get to you punctually to be assembled there. Once again, we have a setup that will suit you. Our customs department and a separate logistics center of 6,800 square meters with 18 docking stations at our production site in Kleinheubach enable us to do global planning more easily and with time-optimized delivery routes. But not only that – if you need storage space for individual items or complete stores, to have them available on demand and flexibly, we can provide that too, of course.

We also provide you with our own qualified team for on-site assembly. Around 150 specialized technicians work closely with external partners to ensure a smooth assembly process and fast solutions in the event of unexpected challenges.

Even after the project has been finalized, we continue our partnership with you and are at your service with our after sales team for any questions and requirements or even follow-up orders in relation to your project.


Are you looking for complete management of your project? As a general contractor, we can of course take this on for you. Have a look at our services by clicking on the tile below…