Every month, our staff members meet on the rock walls of our region – whether genuine, simulated, outdoor, indoor, it doesn’t matter. The main thing is getting to the top under your own steam. The Reinhold Keller climbing and bouldering meet is organized by our longtime teammate Matthias Lehr.

The idea came about spontaneously: “I climb quite often.” – “So, you climb? Where then?” – “In Aschaffenburg for example.” – “I go there now and again too. Feel like starting something up together?” – “Yeah, sure.” And so the idea was born. “At some point, we then decided we could also expand our group and we launched the Reinhold Keller climbing and bouldering club. Since then, we have met regularly looking to conquer heights in the hall or in the open air, weather permitting,” says Matthias.

up up and away with Reinhold Keller

…the choice is up to you. In both cases, you climb down routes in the hall but outdoors you usually look for them yourself. Because here the rockface often tends not to tell you with color-coded markings how you should climb. Indoors, these constitute the various degrees of difficulty. The route is only considered to have been conquered when the climber has completed the course and has only used grips of the same color in the process. So, did this solve the problem without any complications? It’s not really that easy. Bouldering is physically rather strenuous – and it involves certain tactics to complete the course without any mistakes. Just starting your climb and focusing on getting ahead is not enough to do well in bouldering. It’s important to take a strategic approach, so you won’t run out of energy at the start.

According to one boulderer: “I was there once and I’m not a guy who’s really out of condition. But if you’re hanging on the rockface like a wet sack after 10 minutes and you can’t move back or forth, while others are still cheerfully climbing up the most difficult routes - yes, you really notice that you have some catching up to do."

Incidentally, the difference between climbing and bouldering is the altitude. With bouldering you go up to a height of 4.5 meters, when climbing even higher. Bouldering is fine without a safety harness whereas it’s required when climbing. This is where real teamwork really counts. And if your muscles stop working, you simply hang in your rope for a while and float on the rockface.

“The nice thing is that the first few times are really tough. You simply use muscles that you don’t put under stress very often otherwise. This is why training takes effect very quickly and you can climb routes you would never have dreamed of before.” Let’s see when a Reinhold Keller team competes at the world championships.

up up and away with Reinhold Keller

An incidental fun fact: the oldest bouldering area is in France in the forest of Fontainebleu. This has existed since way back in 1947. In 2001, a bouldering world championship was held for the first time. It has since become a wildly popular sport.

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