″You have a really big advantage. I don’t hear or see anything of you at all. The construction sites are absolutely noise-free. You come, install and leave – and all of this within the scheduled time window.″ This is what a franchisee of the hotel brand Holiday Inn Express had to say. Reliable implementation is one of the major advantages enabling the REINHOLD KELLER Group to score points. And that is not the only thing! Our flexibility, both in project management as well as in the scope of services – we can either offer our customers the whole package as a general contractor or also just deliver the furniture, the interior – is also contributing to the growing success of our internationally acknowledged company, headquartered in Kleinheubach in the Bavarian Untermain region between Frankfurt and Würzburg. ″Offer real benefits,″ a credo that has always been issued by Managing Director Manfred Bauer and that we live by.


Most people who have already heard about our company at least once associate the name REINHOLD KELLER in Kleinheubach almost automatically with the equipping/fitting of system catering. Here, our most well-known customers include McDonald’s and BURGER KING. But we can still do a whole lot more. By now, the ″hotel business″ segment has a certain tradition at our company, too.

As a matter of fact, the hotel industry has already been booming for quite some time now; precisely in Germany – both for new buildings as well as for renovations of existing hotels.

The Federal Republic of Germany – that has always been a country of ″independent, family-run hotels″ – has increasingly been moving into the focus of brand name hotels over the last few years.

Firstly, this is made possible by the stable economy and favorable interest rates and secondly, due to the existing potential for brand name hotels like Holiday Inn Express (HIEX). This makes Germany exceptionally interesting for investments of major chains such as Accor (to which, among others, Sofitel, Ibis and Mercure belong), B&B (as an autonomous brand) or the Intercontinental Hotel Group (Crowne Plaza, Intercontinental, Holiday Inn, Holiday Inn Express and others).

The REINHOLD KELLER Group has already been active in this market segment since 2012. So we are experts in all aspects of the new building and renovation of hotels – both in the equipping of the public area as well as in designing the hotel rooms.

In some projects, we ″only″ act as a supplier of furniture and decorations – in the hotel market known as FF&E (Furniture, Fixtures & Equipment). For other contracts on the part of the hotel industry, in turn, we are the general contractor and supervise the complete renovation or new building work done there. We then serve as the communication interface between the individual trades and we are the ″caregiver″ who makes sure everything goes smoothly.

Thanks to our extremely well-coordinated teams, we can deliver qualitatively high value and ″noise-free″ interior construction to our customers.


HIEX hotels are designed for travelers who are looking for a decently equipped hotel without a lot of luxury, but who do not want to do without a certain comfort. Relaxing, tanking up on new energy and getting work done – Holiday Inn Express hotels provide guests with everything they need.

The HIEX brand (Holiday Inn Express®) belongs, as already indicated, to the Intercontinental Hotel Group (IHG). The HIEX hotels refer to hotels of the upper economy class in the 3-star category.

In 2015/16, the hotel chain underwent a rebranding. The concept came directly from IHG’s home country – England. The REINHOLD KELLER Group was already right at the forefront there from day one. Together with IHG and our customer, we took over the interior construction for the first hotel in line with the new concept in Germany, and namely in Karlsruhe.

During the entire project phase, the corporate group made some updates which we jointly – that is, franchisor, franchisee and interior fitter – both drove forward, supplemented with own ideas and reviewed in terms of feasibility – of course always in consultation with our customer and the IHG. That’s because one thing is important for all projects: On the one hand, the brand’s corporate identity – in this case Holiday Inn Express – must be safeguarded. On the other hand, the franchisee expects us to deliver an affordable, qualitatively high value solution that is suitable for everyday use for interior construction. In this case, we namely do not just see ourselves as a supplier and assembly company for interior construction alone, but also as a development partner of a strong brand with a future. With our know-how from experienced project management, our in-house construction department and global procurement/sourcing, we have brought all key components in line with each other which must be taken into account for a project of this nature.


During the implementation of a customer order in the hotel sector, the REINHOLD KELLER Group’s strengths are demonstrated in all their facets: We can realize both a series like the equipping of the rooms with furniture. But we are also definitely capable of offering individual solutions like, for example, the equipping of the lobbies. This alone already makes it clear: we are extremely flexible.

All four Holiday Inn Express® hotels (Karlsruhe, Siegen, Raunheim, Ringsheim), that we have realized so far together with the IHG, were, by the way, completed without exception right on time for the opening of their doors.

On average, we have equipped 120 rooms plus lobby and further public areas with high-quality furniture ″Made in Germany.″ The heart of the REINHOLD KELLER Group is and remains furniture production in Kleinheubach. Only this year, we have invested in one of Europe’s most state-of-the-art machine parks and perfectly positioned ourselves for the future. From the 3D drawing of the furniture parts up to the final semi-automatic production, it is now just one click, which minimizes a whole lot of coordination channels for us and saves time for the customer during implementation. In this context, we were also able to strongly increase flexibility once again.

This year, we have now completed the fourth Holiday Inn Express hotel together with our partner IHG. This time very close to our company - namely in Raunheim.

Numbers five and six, in which we are involved, are located in Mülheim an der Ruhr and Oberhausen and both are currently in the implementation phase. Additional projects are being planned and will soon be implemented in a continuous way.


When collaborating with our customers, we do not put focus on short-term profit orientation and on making the so-called ″fast Euro.″ Our foremost goal is to build up a trusting and, in particular, long-term partnership. Our alignment for the realization of customer orders is based on premises: We want to grow together with our customers. This is closely linked to our corporate philosophy. Consequently, it is very clear that successful further development only works through a continuous and sustained collaboration with everyone involved. Sustainability is the term that plays a key role in all activities and in interacting with each other.


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