“Welcome to / We love Aschaffenburg” – these are the words that greet members of Aschaffenburg’s clever fit studio at its entrance since its successful remodeling in August. Large-scale graphic elements, some of which are up to four meters in height, a vibrant display of colors, unusual room dividers and redesigned changing cubicles ensure even more fun during workouts. In 2014, we started working with the franchisee, who runs several clever fit studios in our region. The aim of the concept on the Dammer Tor Careé in Aschaffenburg is for young and old to feel good all round when working out. The plans for the conversion were launched in March 2019 and once again we were able to contribute our expertise as a generator of ideas and development partner in the fitness sector.

The room divider was designed in the form of a spider's web.


For a conversion to be completed without any problems and for all the cogs to mesh together, sophisticated coordination is required. While building something new in one section, another area is often used for some other purpose. Coordination between trades is always a stimulating challenge, as all the suppliers are given a very narrow timeframe. As such, we only had a week to complete the carpentry and other interior work. The gym remained closed during the conversion stage. This meant our co-workers on site still found themselves literally in the hot seat, as along with their physical work a heatwave arrived right on schedule.


The standard concept of clever fit was somewhat pimped up in Aschaffenburg. The strikingly printed wall graphics especially, using fabrics or the versatile Lifestyleboard Spa system from MB Digitalprint, set the visual tone. The advantage for the franchisee is that if a design change is required, the replacement can be carried out quickly and inexpensively. In addition, assembly is not only easy but virtually free of noise.

The Lifestyleboard Spa was installed in the gym in a spacious setting. Starting with the changing cubicles and the sanitary facilities all the way to the workout area with integrated screens. The printed panels are easy to clean, antibacterial, and resistant to saliva, perspiration and chemicals. The sturdy support material is also water-resistant, scratch-proof and seamless.

The different areas were delineated with eye-catching room dividers.

Other eye-catching features are the room dividers, which separate the various workout areas. The spinning area is surrounded by a floor-length, white thread curtain, which protects users from unwanted views during their workout session. The dumbbell area has been encircled by a trellis, which makes it look like a cage. Room dividers modeled on a spider’s web are decorated with rubber bands in the characteristic clever fit colors of black and red.

A warm red tone dominates in the brightly designed changing cubicles. The new clothes lockers emphasize the feel-good atmosphere and provide enough storage space for any personal items.

A brightly designed locker room with lockers.

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