No matter whether it’s completing interior fittings solutions on schedule or capable customer service. And even if things get difficult occasionally – at REINHOLD KELLER we take real pride in our staff.

Of course, not everything goes completely smoothly all the time. But only through friction are new energy and developments created. A good working relationship, cohesion and team spirit are very important to us and this applies not only within departments. If any co-workers need assistance because they are pushed for time on a project, we work together to get it done on time. Because ultimately, we all have the same objective – to achieve a high level of customer satisfaction and to show our customers that we are looking after them exceptionally well.

Even outside of REINHOLD KELLER as a company, small teams are often formed that strive for excellence. On the one hand, we have sports groups, which are organized jointly by our staff who meet at regular intervals. They engage in all kinds of different sports to which our staff contribute their passion and talent: soccer, team mountain biking or even climbing / bouldering and more.

Today, we are dedicated to the runners at our company. Every year, we compete with several teams at the WIKA run in the summer. Some of us train all year round only for this particular event and attract attention through our excellent performance in various competitions. For example, Nicole Barino, Marc Sieling or Marco Steigerwald are representative of several other amazing runners at our company

Our co-workers are fantastic

Nicole Barino
Elsenfeld run: Sept. 9, 2018: 3rd place ladies (half marathon)
Churfranken trail run: Sept. 23, 2018: 1st place ladies (32 km)
Odenwald fall run: Oct. 3, 2018: 1st place ladies (half marathon)

Marc Sieling
Rodgau triathlon (sprint): 10th overall, 1st place, age group M40
Churfranken triathlon (sprint) 18th overall, 2nd place, age group M40
Gelnhausen trail run, 10.7 km, 1st overall (men – one woman was faster!)
1st place, age group M40
Mainufer run Offenbach: 10th place, age group M40 in 1:34:22 (his fastest half marathon to date)

Marco Steigerwald
ITU cross triathlon world championship for the amateur national team in Denmark, age group 12th place (9 sec. behind place 11 and 62 sec. on place 10)
ITU cross triathlon- European championship for the amateur national team in Ibiza, age group 21st place (incidentally, after a botched start, Marco tore a muscle during his run but still finished. He certainly deserves our great respect for this.)
Xterra European Championships in Zittau, age group 13th place

Our co-workers are fantastic

At this point, we would like to congratulate everyone once again on the placings they achieved and their great performances.

…because despite its international status, the REINHOLD KELLER Group sees itself primarily as a family business. We are delighted that our co-workers are also a bit more than just co-workers for each other and they identify with our company for the benefit of all and project this to the outside world.

Incidentally, the REINHOLD KELLER Group was awarded the Bavarian Lion as one of Bavaria’s 50 companies with the strongest growth for the fifth time in 2018 and thus counts officially as among Bavaria’s Best 50. This is also an achievement we would never have attained without our great team of staff members. Our team spirit is simply persuasive – both in our everyday work routine as well as outside it with our commitment and performance.

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