REINHOLD KELLER Group, this name stands like no other in our region for interior fit-out solutions for restaurant chains, hotels, fitness studio chains or also retail stores in the one-stop-shop principle. Well-known customers like McDonald’s, AccorHotels or clever fit speak here for themselves.

While other companies outsource entire departments, that is, assign them to external providers, the REINHOLD KELLER Group consistently invests in its own resources both at its main site in Kleinheubach as well as in the branch offices. That’s because one of the traditional company’s mottos is: From the region – for the region. The company is growing continuously. The logical consequence of this was the new construction of the logistics hall, which was completed in early summer 2019.

14 Truck dockingstations are available in the new logicstics hall


The warehouse "S" with its 3,500 square meters has simply become too small. The new warehouse "K" has a total area of 6,800 square meters, with altogether 14 docking stations. Previously, the trucks were – in a completely classical way – unloaded by forklifts or manually. The forklift trucks then also take over loading of the production lines. In the new hall, this is also be done by a tugger train in addition to the forklift trucks. Goods that are not needed will be stored.

Incidentally, storage location management is provided by the ERP system that is already in place. This means that after goods have been delivered, these are first cross-checked with the order and controlled for any possible transport damages. The goods are then transferred to an order picker who scans the incoming goods label, qualifying the goods in this way. Afterwards, the goods are placed in storage. Software takes over the booking into or booking out in the warehouse. In the process, the software differentiates between what is needed just-in-time in production or between what is initially placed in its storage location. In the new warehouse, a shuttle tower system will soon ensures effective storage or provision of so-called "small volume articles."

With the bigger and more sophisticated warehouse, the REINHOLD KELLER Group is adapting to changed customer requirements, too. The new system makes it possible to shorten delivery times, as the company continues to decouple itself from the procurement market.

Thanks to the new warehouse, a lot of things also become more efficient because additional space is created on the production area. Certain parts can now be pre-manufactured due to the expansion of storage capacity.

Trucks can easily be unloaded in the new logicstics hall.


It goes without saying that sustainability and environmental friendliness are also always an issue for the REINHOLD KELLER Group, especially because we work with one of the most natural materials of all: wood. Of course, all of this was included in the planning of the logistics hall, too. A photovoltaic system is on the roof and electricity requirements are also completely self-sufficient.

Thanks to the new logistics hall, it’s now also possible to entirely convert the fleet of forklift trucks to electric forklifts step by step. The long-serving gas forklifts will progressively be "sorted out".

Dockingstations for Vans only


After finalization of construction work and completed relocation, the "old logistics hall S" was, so to speak, given a new lease of life. The new logistics center of the subsidiary MB Digitalprint is now part of this area. Another part is used by the REINHOLD KELLER Group. There, primarily trading goods are completed and assembled for the assembly on site. Goods that are stored in the new logistics hall are shipped from there to all of Europe or worldwide. Containers intended for overseas business or for the Middle East are only loaded in Kleinheubach. For example, when you go to a McDonald’s in Dubai, you’ll find shopfitting solutions from Kleinheubach in Lower Franconia there.

Despite all of its international character, the REINHOLD KELLER Group is closely connected with the region. That’s why the issue was also never considered, for example, to outsource logistics to external service providers. By the way, access to or departure from the REINHOLD KELLER Group’s new logistics hall takes place directly via the new roundabout, which is currently still under construction. In the future, this will massively facilitate the residential area, too.

Main entrance of the REINHOLD KELLER Group in Kleinheubach

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