Around 200 participants came to take part in this unique golf tournament. Not only is it unique because it took place at Vila Sol, one of the most beautiful golf courses on the Portuguese Algarve, but also because this tournament focused on interlinking two things with each other: spending a great time together and while doing so – at the end of the day – gathering money for RMHC, the Ronald McDonald House Charities.


RMHC – the Ronald McDonald House Charities – are known in Germany under the name ″McDonald’s Kinderhilfe (children’s aid).″ Since 1987, it has set itself the objective of helping families with gravely ill children. It does this in different ways. The best known are probably the ″Ronald McDonald Houses" Families of the children are accommodated in these houses. They’re located close to the clinics and hospitals where the children are treated. This ensures that parents who are already facing an exceptionally tough situation anyway due to the illness of their children do not also have to travel long distances in order to be with their little ones. For the children on the other side, merely the fact of just knowing that their mom and dad are very close by in the otherwise unfamiliar environment is comforting and helpful. It costs money to maintain and newly build these houses. And this is exactly what the participants in the charity events in Vila Sol collected.

Golplatz Vila Sol in Portugal.

In 2018, the tournament once again lived up to its name – ″leisure.″ Anyone who was looking for determined athletes in the pursuit of another title was searching in vain. The surroundings alone already made sure of this. Vila Sol, featuring its two golf courses with altogether 27 holes, is one of the most attractive courses in Europe. Already opening its doors in 1991, it attracts thousands of golfers from all corners of the world with its 30 hectares. That’s because alongside the golf courses, the 5-star hotel next to it offers enough possibilities to be pampered all over away from sports.

So this means the best preconditions for participants of the Leisure Classic 2018. But out of the 200 guests who had signed up for the tournament from September 9 to September 12, not all were golfers. A lot of them just came to get involved in the charity campaign themselves. They took advantage of the multitude of options they were provided with – away from the golf course. Either they enjoyed the hotel’s spa offer or took part in a Segway safari, went horse-back riding or explored the nearby ocean on a catamaran. The event organizers’ goal of preparing an unforgettable weekend for the participants was a total success.

Siegerpokal bei den McDonald's Leisure Classic.

There were no signs of a stuffy and stiff atmosphere during the three tournament days. The flights played in ideal weather and in the very best of moods. In the evening, everyone enjoyed the cuisine typical for this country together during a relaxed dinner. On the third evening, it was then – if you even want to put it this way – somewhat more formal. Just like every golf tournament, the Leisure Classic was also wrapped up with a gala dinner. High-profile sponsors donated prizes which participants could then win in an auction. And it goes without saying that checkbooks were also pulled out on a weekend like this; and this above all when you can do a lot of good in this way. Thanks to donations and the auction, money flowed into the RMHC’s cash boxes, money the charity definitely needs in order to stay active. So after the weekend, everyone involved was therefore highly satisfied: The participants because they had a wonderful and relaxing weekend; and the organizers because they can help a lot of families again with proceeds of the event. As sponsor, we are proud to have been a part of this event this year again.

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