For us, the REINHOLD KELLER Group, it is extremely important to give something back from what we have achieved. Which is why we support, for example, the paracanoeist from Kleinheubach Felix Höfner, the Würzburg Baskets, the TV Grosswallstadt, the TV Kirchzell or many other local clubs. 

Another project we regularly support every year with a donation is the McDonalds HomeRide. The proceeds of the HomeRide donation go to Ronald McDonald Houses and McDonald’s Children’s Aid 


A Ronald McDonald House is where parents and siblings are accommodated while a seriously ill child is in the hospital. Thanks to the Ronald McDonald Houses, the junior patients experience a touch of normality while they are undergoing treatment. For seriously ill children especially, a hospital stay can be extremely stressful and worrying. In addition, some treatments are anything but pleasant. A Ronald McDonald House may indeed become a place of sanctuary for these little patients, where parents and siblings wait and provide comfort and familiarity.  


The HomeRide is a relay race, in which the different teams ride across the Netherlands, with a short detour to the Ruhr area. On this route, the teams pass by a total of ten Ronald McDonald Houses.   

The relay race runs over a total of 500 km, 24 hours day and night regardless of the weather conditions. A checkpoint is set up about every 80 to 100 kilometers. Here, the charity cyclists have a chance to take a brief or even slightly longer break, to get a massage (just like the pros on the Tour de France) or touch base with their support vehicle  

Anyone can take part in the HomeRidewhether you’re a cycling novice or pro. During the preparatory stage, the organizers support the teams with training tips and practice rides. 

Even those who do not wish to cycle can of course take part in the HomeRide as a volunteer assistant. This is because each team requires assistants such as the quartermaster, the team captain, the water carrier (this is not as bad as it sounds), a fundraiser and a PR and social media manager. 

To be able to take part in the HomeRide, each team must collect at least €7,000.00 in donations to McDonald´s children’s aid. This sum counts as the authorization to start.  


As we have been doing so for several years, this time we were also providing a donation to the HomeRide, in which several celebrities mount the saddle now and again. To date, donations of over €850,000 have been received. A campaign that is definitely worth it – and will help many children.  

The next HomeRide is already planned and the date is set. On July, 27th and 28th bicycles rolling through the Netherlands again. 

For futher information, please follow the link. 

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