The successful subsidiary of the REINHOLD KELLER Group is a co-initiator of the recently established working group for digital printing

DIPA – this acronym stands for the Digital Printing Association, the working group for digital printing. DIPA was set up by leading companies in the digital printing industry at Ligna 2019. These included MB Digitalprint, a wholly-owned subsidiary of the REINHOLD KELLER Group. The aims of the working group, which constitutes an alliance of competing firms, are ambitious. Together they seek to get the market moving, to solve industry-wide problems and most importantly to push ahead with training in order to ultimately provide clients and end consumers with added value.

Die Gründungsmitglieder der DIPA -

First DIPA symposium in Brixen (Bressanone)

In July, the founders of DIPA issued an invitation to the first symposium in Brixen. More than 50 participants accepted the invitation to the customer experience center at Durst Phototechnik’s headquarters in South Tyrol. After a lecture on the subject of megatrends and smart surfaces by Josef Zerle of Homag, industry visitors enjoyed an interesting panel discussion, in which Ali Özyilmaz, MB Digitalprint’s CEO, also took part. “Digital printing is an expensive undertaking and no client wants to spend any more on these products. However, we do earn money in this business and the demand is increasing,” Özyilmaz explained. The 44-year-old and his team generated sales of €14 million at the Kleinheubach facility in the past financial year.

Another hot topic was skilled workers. Until now, specialist staff have been very few and far between, as there is no training program for the industry’s specific needs. DIPA seeks to deal with this challenge jointly as well.

DIPA as an open platform and knowledge broker

The guests at the symposium in Brixen certainly provided positive feedback, so there will be a second meeting as soon as the end of the year. In addition to setting up an association, plans for the DIPA Academy are also underway as a platform for knowledge transfer and training within the industry. The training to become a certified printing master will be divided into modules to convey the skills required for the entire process cycle in digital printing.

Firmensitz MB Digitalprint, Kleinheubach

REINHOLD KELLER as a pioneer in digital printing

In Kleinheubach the trend was recognized soon enough and sales and marketing of digitally printed panels began just under 15 years ago. Since 2010, a patented process has enabled specific decorative panels to be produced in line with the client’s individual requests. The finished panels with their unique depth and natural transparency continue to have an amazing effect due to our digital UV direct printing process. Ali Özyilmaz is always delighted to see his astonished customers holding the finished products in their hands.

Other benefits of the innovative panels from MB Digitalprint – they are guaranteed water-repellent, abrasion and impact-resistant, chemical and perspiration-resistant. In order to meet all the requirements of supporting materials and building material classes, the certification categories range from low flammability to the A2 non-flammable version.

Click here for MB Digitalprint’s website.

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