In March we reported on the plans of our colleagues Michael and Manuel. The Rennsteiglauf Marathon was the sporting goal of our running junkies. But, Corona also put a stop to this event. Just like the Fichtelgebirgsmarathon as an alternative goal. True to the motto "giving up is not an option" Plan C was worked out and put into action.

Without cheering spectators, in a private setting, the Engelberg in Großheubach was "climbed" a few weeks ago. The two of them covered 42,195 kilometres in the best running weather and even the mark of 4:30 h was cracked by Manuel with 4 hours and 27 minutes. At 9 o'clock they started and all in all the run was very pleasant for the two of them. "The tension was already great and before the start you wonder if the day's form is right. From kilometer 13 on you know if the day will go well or not", said Manuel and looked at Michael, who had to prove his fighting heart this time. From kilometre 24 on, his thighs became blocked. But Michael kept on biting his way to the end, with the necessary breaks to stretch. Manuel's calves pinched, but running was much easier for him.

"Two days after the marathon my toes began to twitch again and I laced up my running shoes. I ran a relaxed seven kilometres and it was really good for me," said Michael with a broad grin. The running year 2020 is by far not over yet and the next plans - for running in a private setting - are already being made.

In any case, we are proud of our two colleagues who have done their thing despite all the circumstances!

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