With JOHN & JANE’S SOULBASE, the RSG Group is bringing the so-called boutique fitness and an international sports and lifestyle trend to Germany. The urban premium line combines two different workout and studio concepts in one brand with the two in-house fitness & wellbeing concepts SOULBASE (yoga, pilates, barre) and POWERBASE (bootcamp, boxing). Thanks to a variety of membership offers, those interested can schedule their time flexibly and use both BASES for daily training in any way they wish. All-embracing training is therefore guaranteed. Relaxation follows tension. 

By launching thetwobrands, the RSG Group, to which the McFit, HIGH5 and JOHN REED brands also belong, is further broadening its portfolio. 

JOHN & JANE's SOULBASE in Berlin empfängt seine Gätse in einem schlichten, aber sehr schicken Design.


The workout has long since no longer just been about strengthening your own body. It’s increasingly an expression of the quality of life, individuality and a sense of well-being. Contents of the workout, the whole surrounding must perfectly match the lifestyle. And here, thefeel goodattribute is an important criterion when choosing the studio. This is exactly where the new boutique fitness concept JOHN & JANE’S SOULBASE comes into play, which opened the first studio in Berlin in May of this year. It interlinks the most important international fitness trends with innovative group workouts, which are not available in this form in Germany up to now: Yoga, pilates and barre are combined with selected fitness elements like kettlebells, TRX or hot temperatures. 

Holistic approach is the keyword that expresses the desire of our modern society: to get the most out of ourselves and our limited time. The new boutique fitness brand JOHN & JANE’S SOULBASE is therefore geared towards trend-conscious, ambitious people who have high expectations with regard to themselves and their lives and put great value on individuality and flexibility. Sport is no longer just a means to an end, but far more a real experience and a balance between work, leisure time and family. 

"Our mission at JOHN & JANE’S SOULBASE is to inspire our members and create a totally new experience for body and soul. With innovative group workouts, the best trainers in the city, an excellent premium service, extraordinary style mixes both in course concepts as well as for music, design and light, we give international sports trends of the world a new home." 

Who the John is Jane - ein topmoderner Bereich made by REINHOLD KELLER für Hot Yoga, Yoga, Pilates oder Barre.


Thanks to our cooperation of almost ten years now with the RSG Group, in which we supported more than 120 new developments and refurbishments for, among others, the McFit brand, we were naturally already well known at RSG. We were on board right from the start for JOHN & JANE’S. The first store should be a perfect fit. Even before the planning and implementation phase, we therefore already started with prototyping and incorporated our know-how as a general contractor for shopfitting and as a carpenter into the concept.  Especially with regard to functionality, design and construction costs, we successfully tapped some potentials together with the RSG Group. 

The construction of the first club in Berlin was then handed over to the customer again right on time. The studio has now been fully up and running since mid-May and is enjoying tremendous popularitylike all of the RSG Group’s concepts.  

One little key fact as an aside: Infrared heating plates were mounted under the ceiling in a room. That’s because one of the items on the agenda at JOHN & JANE’S SOULBASE is calledhot yoga.This ensures that the room has a constant temperature of 38 degrees for these units and that the body is additionally trained. 

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