With the feeling of being happy and getting along with the most important things a person needs, the Brothers Grimm told the story of Hans in Luck in 1819. Hans, a young man who swapped his nugget of gold for a horse, the horse for a cow and finally a stone, which fell into a well. He was nonetheless jubilantly happy and shows what you really need in life.

In 2010, Thomas Hirschberger adopted this story when establishing his new franchise concept and his company HANS IM GLÜCK. The same year, he opened the first HANS IM GLÜCK Burgergrill in Germany. Today, the franchise chain with 76 burger grills in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Singapore is among the most successful concepts of its kind in Germany.

Excellent quality and great variety

HANS IM GLÜCK offers its customers not only excellent quality and freshly prepared, home-cooked dishes. HANS IM GLÜCK adds to the menu what guests will be demanding the day after tomorrow. With his first burger of fresh herb salad, delicious grilled vegetables and the first insect burger in Germany, HANS IM GLÜCK is grasping the initiative and is at the forefront of a major trend.

However, HANS IM GLÜCK sets the standards not only in terms of unusually assembled burgers but also his preference for regional ingredients. For its choice of bread, cheese and meat, the company also shows its strong links with the surroundings near its locations and the company’s own high standards.

Interior design

The HANS IM GLÜCK concept finds its ideal expression in its perfectly coordinated interior design. The eye-catching feature of every HANS IM GLÜCK Burgergrill is the skillfully staged birch trunks. They look as if they have grown naturally in the dining area and are perfectly adapted to their environment. The number of birch trunks has even increased with the relaunch of the concept. For the customers, it is supposed to look even more as if they were going through a forest, looking for a shady spot where they can enjoy the delicious burgers. The warm light does the rest to create a natural feel-good atmosphere.

The other design and interior fixtures such as an alpine straw floor, a specially installed fountain, bird houses and even preserved jungle plants decorating the walls also underline and add to the natural forest ambience.

“Our guests immerse themselves in our particular lifestyle while they’re here: the birch tree forest at HANS IM GLÜCK is a wonderful place to wind down,” says Thomas Hirschberger.

Our good reputation precedes us

Our reputation as a capable partner in the catering industry and the perfect partner for roll-outs has leapt ahead of us. With a recently established construction department, HANS IM GLÜCK approached us at the beginning of the year with an adapted design that was ready to roll out. The renovation of existing properties and other new constructions were on the agenda. And we do so best as a general contractor, since we produce the furniture for the interior fittings directly in house.

To date, we have successfully completed four projects with the first test property in Cologne and further follow-up projects in Nuremberg, Freiburg and Bern. We look forward to further collaboration as well as one or two great-tasting burgers.

More photos of HANS IM GLÜCK are here.

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