Things really take off at the end of the year. The Ronald McDonald House Charities, in Germany known as McDonald’s Kinderhilfe, is organizing one charity event after the other, of course including the yearly fundraising gala in Munich, the highlight on the children’s aid calendar.

McDonalds fundraising gala 2018

Besides a wide array of regional projects, we, the REINHOLD KELLER Group, have also already been supporting the McDonald’s Kinderhilfestiftung for several years now. This foundation has already been committed to helping gravely ill children and their families since 1987. Throughout Germany, the non-profit organization runs houses and “oases”, where the persons affected can tank up on energy and find peace and tranquility.
In the foundation’s houses, which are all located close to hospitals, the families of the little patients can move in so that they can find something like normality and a feeling of security and comfort too – away from everyday life in the clinic. In Germany, there are altogether 22 Ronald McDonald House Charities.

In turn, the oases are safe havens right in the middle of the clinic. A lot of treatments – even of the most gravely ill children – take place on an outpatient basis today. This translates into tremendous stress, not only for the children, but for the parents, too.
The oases have created a safe haven in the clinic where the children (and their parents) can simply forget from time to time where they actually are. This is an ideal place for playing and romping, there is Internet access and meals can be prepared there, too. Coffee and soft drinks are available there free of charge. This makes everyday life in the clinic a little bit less stressful and the healing process can also be supported in this way. There are altogether six of these oases in Germany.
Up to now, more than 105,000 families have found a temporary home in the Ronald McDonald family houses. Because McDonald’s also stands for this: closeness, warmth and especially shared humanityvalues with which we also identify ourselves at the REINHOLD KELLER Group. Together, we want to continue to do lots of good things.

McDonalds fundraising gala 2018

A yearly highlight is the fundraising gala in support of the Ronald McDonald House Charities (Kinderhilfestiftung) in the Bayerischen Hof in Munich, which took place this year for the 15th consecutive time and went by the motto of “hand in hand” this year.
Moderated by legendary show entertainer Thomas Gottschalk, with the charming Laura Wontorra at his side, the function was an outstanding event for a good cause.
Of course, REINHOLD KELLER was present too – represented by Manfred Bauer and his daughter Verena. Besides around 500 prominent guests from society, politics and the economy like Daniela Katzenberger, Sky Dumont and Sonya Kraus, the CEO and President Holger Beeck of McDonald’s Deutschland LLC was at the fundraising gala, too. Adrian Köstler, Chairman of the Executive Board of McDonald’s Kinderhilfe was naturally present as well.
The guests enjoyed numerous exquisite dishes and exceptional culinary delights at the rip-roaring gala celebration in a festively decorated hall. A top-notch show program was offered – a dazzling foray through the best Broadway musicals. Simply “One Night on Broadway.”
The aftershow party was one-of-a-kind, too, where star guest Adel Tawil professionally entertained and excited his audience.

In total, a phenomenal amount of EUR 1,921,435 was collected for the McDonald’s Kinderhilfestiftung at the fundraising gala. We are really happy that the REINHOLD KELLER Group was able to be a partner again this year for this fantastic project and that so much money was successfully collected for the children and their families. On this occasion, we would also like to once again thank the donors who supported this great project in such an awesome way.

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