REINHOLD KELLER Group has already been working together with McDonald’s for many decades now, more specifically since 1978. That means we were able to celebrate 40 years (!) of our collaboration this year. This once again shows that we put tremendous importance on long-term, sustainable partnerships.
We’ve already supplied and installed thousands of McDonald’s restaurants with innovative shopfitting solutions around the globe. Of course, all of the furniture is made in Kleinheubach.
Over the last 40 years, designs of the restaurants have changed frequently at least once, adapted to the trends and corresponding developments. Many times, we were on board here right from the start as development partner, and we supported McDonald’s from the design idea straight through to readiness for series production.By the way, at REINHOLD KELLER, our customer McDonald’s is supported by more than 40 experienced project managers together with their teams.

McDonald’s and REINHOLD KELLER – a 40-year-long success story

We were involved from day one in the implementation of the “Natural Integrity” concept, too. We built mock-ups, samples of the future facility/installation to discuss further improvements regarding implementation feasibility and cost efficiency together with McDonald’s. And once again, McDonald’s caught and catches the spirit of the age with this concept.

The restaurant chain giant is continuously adapting itself to changing framework conditions. That’s why McDonald’s restaurants are changing constantly. Previously set up as typical fast food restaurants – not that comfortable, and rather just to serve a purpose with more of a short stay of guests – whereas today, they’re a popular meeting place. Occasions here differ substantially. Whether after shopping or as the destination of a family outing – McDonald’s restaurants are enjoying greatest popularity.
Over the years, the interior fit out – and correspondingly the design as well – have developed away from distant/chilly and useful towards what is now an appealing location. Who doesn’t still remember the uniform and not very comfortable plastic tables and chairs that you really found in each single McDonald’s around the world. This has transformed fundamentally towards cozy, pleasant and comfortable. The new room design, Natural Integrity, is the next natural step here.

This interior room concept should create a feel-good atmosphere and quality of stay for the guests. They should happily come back, and of course, quite frequently, and have a cup of coffee after their hamburger and/or enjoy some dessert.

For the interior fit out concept “Natural Integrity” – as you can already tell by the name – mainly natural, untreated materials and warm colors will be used. These will be supplemented by the matching colorful text messages in vintage style on the walls, which, for example, put core focus on the freshness of the processed foods (“Freshly Prepared with Care”).
The room partitions are made out of solid oak wood. The near-natural design with a lot of wood continues in the furniture and, of course, in the counter area, too. Alongside the text messages on the walls, you’ll also find a lot of graphics, partly even with a regional connection, which gives each restaurant an individual, and first and foremost, authentic touch. With regard to the color design, besides wood, a warm shade of green also dominates, which is perfectly rounded off by colorful accents, for example in creamy white. By the way, the chairs remind you a little bit of the absolute design icon among chairs – the Eames Plastic Side Chair, whereby the name is naturally not included in the program here.

It goes without saying that all furniture, or rather components of the interior fit out, are made in Germany. That’s because they are manufactured at our headquarters in Kleinheubach. So whoever is abroad and feeling a little bit homesick and longing for their Lower Franconia homeland should visit a McDonald’s restaurant. That’s because you’ll find shopfitting solutions and furniture in numerous restaurants in all corners of the globe that were made by the REINHOLD KELLER Group.
Incidentally, the design concept “Natural Integrity” is not only limited to the “visible” guest area. The staff rooms are being remodeled correspondingly, too. This refers to the common rooms, the changing rooms as well as the accounting offices.
The sanitary facilities/restrooms for both guests as well as for the staff are being redesigned in line with the new concept, too.

Since 2016, restaurants have been and are being implemented by REINHOLD KELLER Europe-wide with the interior fit out concept of “Natural Integrity.”

On Friday, 11/23, we have now celebrated, together with McDonald’s and the franchisee, a double opening and premiere at the same time. The freeway rest stop in the direction of Walisch is divided by the freeway, and in turn, interlinked with each other through a tunnel. In this case, the franchisee decided to install a “Natural Integrity” on the one side and a RAY“ on the other side. Both concepts were implemented in Switzerland for the first time, and it goes without saying that we were the shopfitting partner for both of them.

By the way, a McDonald’s restaurant is currently almost completed in Lisbon, and two restaurants with the new “Natural Integrity” can soon be found in France, too.

Most of the restaurants are remodeled during ongoing business operations. All refurbishments are carried out so that guests are disturbed as little as possible during their stay and processes in day-to-day operations are not negatively influenced to the greatest extent possible.
Remodeling takes – depending on time and effort involved – around three to four weeks.
Similar to the refurbishment measures for the hotel industry during ongoing operations, the McDonald’s restaurants are split up into single construction phases, too. It is in the nature of things that we have food in a McDonald’s restaurant. For this reason, there are naturally also special requirements here, e.g., a key objective is to produce as little dust as possible.

The shopfitting concept “Natural Integrity” is the consistent continuation of the corporate identity of McDonald’s. With the conversion of the design from red to green at that time, one of the key brand values, namely that of sustainability, is underscored once more. “Natural Integrity” follows this alignment. That’s because the company takes the term “value creation” very seriously. By 2030, for example, the CO2 emissions around the world should be reduced by 36 percent in both the restaurants as well as in the administration departments.
But also regarding the issue of packaging, McDonald’s orientates itself toward environmental friendliness and resource-conserving materials. By 2025, all packaging materials used in the restaurants should then only come from certified or renewable or respectively recycled sources.
By the way, you can now also have coffee or other hot beverages filled in thermo mugs that you’ve brought along and for doing this, you even get a price discount.

The new “Natural Integrity” concept also stands for this.

And at the REINHOLD KELLER Group, environmental protection is a top priority, too.
Our company is certified in accordance with DIN EN ISO 14001 and DIN EN ISO 50001 and plays a leading role in the issues of environment and energy management. All of our business processes are monitored in terms of their environmental compatibility and are, of course, improved continuously.

We use our roof areas for energy generation through solar power and our chips heating system is CO2-neutral. No question about it, the environment and sustainability principles are issues which are very close to our heart in the mission statement of our corporate philosophy. Protection of the environment in the interest of the next generations is a fixed and integral component of our corporate culture.

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