Not only are we McDonald’s interior designer, but we’re also one who has been on board right from the start. We already set up the first restaurant of the fast food chain in 1978. Since then, we’re the specialist, precisely when it comes to the planning, redesigning and setup of McDonald’s restaurants. More than 40 project managers who are supported by an own development and construction department serve the various markets with their teams. Up until now, we have realized at least 7,000 restaurants. That’s why we were also so happy, and took the opportunity to be represented at the so-called coop meeting, which was held in Munich this year.



McDonald’s already relied on franchising when it started up business. So whoever wants to open up and operate such a restaurant needs to obtain a license for this. In return, the company provides the franchisees with everything he needs so that he can manage his restaurant successfully. This ranges from the kitchen equipment, to burger patties, straight through to exact descriptions regarding preparations of the meals. Of course, something like this takes place in such a large company and in a digitalized world with the aid of automated and uniform processes. But nevertheless, you don’t want to do without personal exchange and mutual decisions for a burger chain that operates nearly 1,500 restaurants in Germany alone. The coop meetings are held specifically for that purpose.

REINHOLD KELLER auf dem McDonald's Coop-Meeting.


So this is an ideal opportunity for us, as simply the company which then implements these decisions on the design side, to present ourselves with an own exhibition booth during the meeting. Certainly, we adapted our booth to the new McDonald’s concept RAY. The concept we were assigned as primary supplier. When franchisees from all over Germany get together, then you, so to speak, have your hand on the pulse of time. Not only the opportunity to present yourself and your services, but also to just have important and interesting discussions and to forge contacts. Because although core focus is, of course, placed on other topics during these meetings, there is always time in between to engage in talks with interesting people. And that means: being close to customers and close to issues that customers are dealing with.



But there is something else that makes participation in a coop meeting something really special: you get an in-depth look behind the scenes. Not only were franchisees from all parts of Germany represented here, but also McDonald’s executive board and representatives of the various specialist departments. That’s because the meetings really have to do with ″getting down to business.″ Current figures are presented and the franchisees are informed about future plans. What can they expect? What is changing? Together, the new marketing calendar is discussed, and together, the budget for this is agreed on. And even we, who have been firmly linked to the global player for decades now, do not get the opportunity every day to gain such deep insights into the internal affairs of one of the most successful and most well-known companies in the world.

No celebration, no meeting, without an adequate conclusion. A McDonald’s coop meeting is no exception here either. In this case, the meeting was wrapped up in the form of the star violinist David Garret on the stage. He set a brilliant finale with his concert for these successful and interesting days.

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