On 11/17/2018, it was time again. The Schneeberg vocational training fair opened up its doors once again. And yet again, it was a total success for us. At our highly popular booth, we introduced a lot of interested young women and men to the skilled carpenter occupation (m/w/d) – because good training is still extremely important today. Our employees were on hand to answer questions, and to gladly explain which advantages training at REINHOLD KELLER offers to the young people and what makes these benefits so extraordinary. That’s because not only do our carpenter trainees learn about industrial timber production in our company. Traditional and classical carpentry is also taught in our in-house training workshop. The reason for this is that we want our trainees to gain deep insights into all facets of this fantastic job. Wood is an incredibly versatile and, in particular, living material.

Ausbildungsmesse Schneeberg

We are also happy to already give the young people the possibility of a traineeship in advance so that they can first get a ″real feel″ for the carpenter profession to determine whether they like it or not. If they like it, nothing else stands in the way of training to become a carpenter (m/w/d) – and the way to a long-lasting career with REINHOLD KELLER is paved.

But it goes without saying that prospective students did not come up short at our booth either. We introduced them to the dual course of studies, Bachelor of Engineering – Dual Curriculum Wood Technology (m/w/d), which we offer in collaboration with DHBW Mosbach.

Studies in wood technology require creativity and manual dexterity, as well as a certain understanding of business management and technology.
During the dual course of studies in our company, our students go through as many departments as possible. On the one hand, of course, to acquire job experience and to put the know-how acquired theoretically into actual practice, too; but on the other hand, also to find out where the path could take them later on. With REINHOLD KELLER itself. But also in the direction of a ″Master’s degree.″ Or even simply both in parallel to each other. We offer myriad options here.

If you were not at the vocational training fair and are interested in a training position with us, then just take a look at our ″Career″ page, where you’ll also find a quick application form.

We really look forward to welcoming you!

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