The first Clever Fit fitness studio opened up its gates in Munich in 2004. It was founded by Alfred Enzensberger with the objective of making fitness possible for everyone at an affordable price, too.
A lot of time has passed by since then and clever fit has now developed into one of the most well-known franchise fitness chains in Germany. Today, you see the striking logo of the fitness studio just about everywhere. There are now altogether 415 studios Europe-wide – with an upward trend.
In Germany, there are around 350 studios out of this total number with over 600,000 members who are excited about the concept. Currently, some more, among others, are planned in Switzerland.

Clever Fit remodelling with Reinhold Keller

With its offer, Clever Fit relies for one on high quality equipment with brand name training devices and a feel-good atmosphere. This was implemented thanks to a well-thought-out design concept for shopfitting and unmistakable interior design. Depending on the studio, you’ll find a lot of extras such as extensive wellness areas, complemented by a solarium and massage zone. Of course, customers also have freely accessible W-Lan there as well, so that Internet access is possible in a very fast way. Not only can the customer then send and receive e-mails - also large data volumes - during the cardio training, but also stream his or her personal training music or a film at the same time.
Naturally, Clever Fit’s personnel are highly qualified – at all levels. Fee conditions to use the Clever Fit offers are extremely favorable. Added together, this translates into an unbeatable price-performance ratio. In the fitness industry, the Clever Fit name stands like no other for good service at an adequate price that is affordable for everyone.
But Clever Fit has a lot of support ready for franchisees, too. For example, partner meetings are held on a regular basis, both at a regional as well as at supra-regional level. Personal partner managers and the Clever Fit Intranet ensure fast exchange of information and a comprehensive transfer of know-how.
Before a new studio opens up its doors, franchisees and their employees are thoroughly trained and prepared for their new job in one of the altogether seven training centers in Germany.
A declared objective of Alfred Enzensberger, the founder and owner of Clever Fit GmbH, is to move to the very top of the industry in Germany and across Europe, too. That can only be done with correspondingly trained franchisees and qualified personnel. Enzensberger is well on the way to achieving his set goal because his concept is a success. There are lots of fitness studios – but the only thing that counts is customer satisfaction. Only satisfied customers come back and recommend ″their″ fitness studio further, especially to friends, acquaintances and relatives.

Clever Fit remodelling with Reinhold Keller

Clever Fit has already been a full member of the German Franchise Association since 2010. In 2014, the company was honored with the marketing award for the advertising campaign ″Fit would be clever now″. The next award was then presented in 2015. The award went to Clever Fit as the franchise system of the year.
Another key milestone in the company’s history was reached in August 2018. Clever Fit became the official fitness partner of the German ice hockey league. Naturally, further expansions are being considered – both in Germany as well as in the other European countries.
Always in on the action as a reliable partner for the shopfitting sector: We, the REINHOLD KELLER Group.

Continuous expansion of the branch network at a high level is one facet – but this also includes compliance with the high quality standards that Clever Fit takes as a basis for each single studio, and corresponding interior fittings in the corporate design.
When looking for a reliable and, first and foremost, competent partner, the company soon came across the name of the REINHOLD KELLER Group. That’s because alongside restaurant chains, the hotel industry and diverse retail stores, renowned fitness studios like McFit or Body and Soul - (a premium provider regionally in the Munich area) have been part of our customer portfolio for several years now, too.

Since the cooperation started around five years ago, we have already implemented 180 studios together with Clever Fit. Partly as general contractor, and partly as the provider of furniture and fixtures. As general contractor, we support our customer Clever Fit across the whole process. Firstly, this means we plan the project. Secondly, we, among other things, take care of the trades while doing so, such as painters, sanitary/heating and electrical. We coordinate these so skillfully among each other that all work is completed right on time. Of course, our own core focus is on the carpentry. For all other work, we draw on our large-scale subcontractor network. In part, we have already known the firms we work together with for decades now. We collaborate in an outstanding way and know that all orders performed meet our high quality standards.
Whereby it transparently becomes clear here again that our company is not out to make a fast Euro, but instead places importance on long-term and good partnerships. When a studio is being planned, Clever Fit then always comes to us – because we continually convince with high quality work and especially with reliability.

We’re currently supporting the new concept design of planned studios in Switzerland with a total space of approx. 20,000 square meter. Some of these are already being implemented.
What Clever Fit especially appreciates about us – the REINHOLD KELLER Group – is that we are experts in the ″fitness studios″ sector, and that we deliver our work quickly, reliably and, first and foremost, with qualitatively high value. In addition, we are very familiar with the special features that projects like this entail.
Up to the completion of a Clever Fit studio, we need around four weeks. For on-site assembly work, or rather as general contractor, we continually draw on – as we already mentioned at the start – our large-scale international network of subcontractors. There is no question that it is extremely important to us that all construction sites are completed right on time and this in the customary high quality of the REINHOLD KELLER Group.

Clever Fit remodelling with Reinhold Keller

As a rule, we take over the complete interior fit out in the Clever Fit studios – not only in Switzerland. This includes the entire furnishing/facilities of the studio – except, of course, the fitness equipment. It goes without saying that this equipment comes from renowned global brands.Our tasks include, for example, building the cabinets in the women’s and men’s dressing rooms, designing the counter, and the subsequent setup and, naturally, the chairs and the lounge furniture. While doing so, also key is to take into account the special interior design concept of the Clever Fit studios.
All interior fit out solutions for Clever Fit are, like all other furniture, produced at our site in Kleinheubach in the customary high quality. That’s because just like in the hotel industry and restaurant chains, all shopfitting solutions must partially withstand extremely high strain. One good example here: the cabinet doors which – during good utilization – are opened and then closed again up to 100 times every day. Logically, this puts the material as well as the door hinges through extreme strain.
Naturally, the cabinet should shut at the end of the (training) just as well as it did at the start. For this reason, we only use high quality materials that can withstand these high stresses for a long time and still look good, even after they have been used extensively. Simply according to the quality hallmark ″Made in Germany″, or rather ″Made in Lower Franconia″ by REINHOLD KELLER.

Up to now, altogether 40 studios are being planned in Switzerland. Some of them are already being implemented right now. Always on board: the REINHOLD KELLER Group. We are proud of playing a role in the company’s success.


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