We’ve already been working together with B&B Hotels since 2015 – one of the most successful hotel groups in the economy segment. We were on board right from the start as general contractor for shopfitting in the area of remodeling. We are therefore the one contact person for the customer and are its coordinative and communicative interface to all other subcontractors.
B&B is continually investing in its hotels to maintain the high standard of quality and to offer the customers a consistent price/performance ratio. Of course, this also relates to renovation/refurbishment measures which are carried out together with the REINHOLD KELLER Group.

Remodelling B&B

The B&B brand is currently undergoing a remodeling. More style, less color – this is how the targeted new urban and minimalistic look can be described.
Instead of the rather flashy color design so far, colors from the muted pallet should more easily ensure the right feel-good atmosphere and optimal relaxation tomorrow.
In the future, the color scheme will either go in the direction of light brown or gray - with perfectly matching accent colors.

By the way, the new design also pertains to the entire furnishing – both the rooms as well as the lobby: an angular, functional design will so to say become round.
But what remains is the individual, regionally adapted theme paneling, which is mounted over the bed – only now aligned in color to the remodeling. In Berlin, for example, that is the little traffic light man (Ampelmännchen) or in Augsburg Jim Knopf as a tribute to the Augsburger marionette theater (Puppenkiste). Incidentally, it is the skyline in Frankfurt City-East.

Remodelling B&B

The ″public areas″ will also be modernized and are getting the new color look as well as corresponding furniture. Among other things, this includes the breakfast area and the lobby.
In contrast, the usual service will be maintained: the high-speed WLan, SkyTV, air-conditioning in all rooms, soundproof windows for a good night’s sleep and uninterrupted communication as well as a rich breakfast buffet, where the guest can tank up on energy for the coming day.

For B&B, we are especially responsible for refurbishment work, for example for the remodeling of already existing hotels. The special thing about this: the hotels are still open during the remodeling phase, and continue to welcome guests.
Remodeling during ongoing operations – and that ideally without any adverse effects on daily business – after all, it is one of the specialties of the REINHOLD KELLER Group, as we have already successfully demonstrated in other projects for various customers from the hotel industry.

At the beginning of the relevant project (that is, remodeling of the respective hotel), we first individually and very precisely check each item to be worked on in the rooms and bathrooms, the hallways and public areas – for example, new furniture, painting work, electrical system, sanitary/plumbing systems, etc. In the process, we accurately determine which tasks must be completed. Then we check the total budget that is available to us, and decide together with the customer how comprehensively the remodeling should subsequently be designed. Here, we make use of our large network of subcontractors and suppliers, which we have built up over the decades. All of our partners have been selected in accordance with strict criteria so that they meet our standards of quality that we also place on ourselves.

Another challenge during a remodeling project is that the refurbishment is done 90% of the time during ongoing hotel operations. In this context, we split the project up into individual construction phases, so that only one part of the hotel is not available in each case. We coordinate the work to be carried out so that hotel guests are disturbed as little as possible. A basic precondition for hotel remodeling because each room not occupied or every unsatisfied guest costs the hotelier hard cash. That’s why it is all the more important that all work is carried out quickly by us and the subcontractors, while adhering to the relevant time schedules.

Once the services and project plan have been defined and the starting signal has been given, we are the main contact person for B&B during a remodeling for all steps from dismantling through to the turnkey handover of the hotel. Initially, the furniture is disassembled and carpets removed in a construction stage way. Subsequently, the necessary repair and improvement work is carried out. This is done before the painting work starts. Afterwards, the bathrooms are newly tiled.
Speaking of bathrooms: depending on the hotel, the washbasins are either refurbished or replaced.

And then we continue with the new room furnishings. As we’ve already mentioned, angular turns into round here. That means that both the desks, mirrors as well as the new graphic headboards now all have rounded corners. The guest’s clothes find the right place in a suspended shelf with a clothes rail. The rooms and hallways will also be equipped with new carpets which naturally correspond to the new color design, too.
Totally new are the nightstands, the table in addition to the wall panel as well as the mirror’s board, which are all entirely kept in oak optics. Furthermore, the complete room lighting and lighting in the bathrooms were converted to LEDs.

Remodelling B&B

The breakfast room is being furnished with a new floor. The counter is being rebranded, too. Here, we are using the existing substructure and covering this in a new design. The lobby will be completed right away by lounge furniture which invites guests to sit down for a relaxed chat.
Business travelers find a functionally equipped workplace in the new breakfast area.

By the way: one of the first hotels where we were allowed to carry out the remodeling was the B&B Hotel in Darmstadt in the immediate vicinity. Since early November, the economy hotel shines in new splendor. We consistently implemented the new design. Incidentally, the Heiner statue shines here – a tribute to the Heiner festival – and the Mathildenhöhe on the headboard.

This example also goes to show that we place the greatest importance on long-lasting partnerships. That’s why we are very happy that B&B recently extended the partner agreement with us. This also speaks for the qualitatively high value work we perform for our customers. Both in restaurant chains, shopfitting, for fitness chains, as well as in the hotel industry.

We already really look forward to all future and exciting projects with our partner B&B Hotels.

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