″Supporting the region is incredibly important to us.″ This is Christopher Bauer’s motto –the COO of the REINHOLD KELLER Group. And here, he speaks on behalf of the whole owner family.

So what could be more natural than a traditional company sponsoring a world-renowned traditional club from the region? Of course, we’re talking about TVG (TV Großwallstadt). Besides VfL Gummersbach and THW Kiel, TVG is one of the biggest traditional clubs of German handball. The club was the German Champion altogether seven times, and TVG even won the European cup of the national champions two times. The club was also a founding member of the single track national league.

Impressive names like Siggi Roch, Kurt Klühspies, Peter Meisinger, Manfred Hofmann or Bernd Roos, or also a wide array of current national players like Steffen Weinhold, Jannik Kohlbacher and Andi Wolff – they were all players of TVG.

Sponsors TV Grosswallstadt

But the heady flight in the early years was followed by a sharp downturn of the traditional club in 2015: declaration of bankruptcy and no license for the second league. But a traditional club like TVG doesn’t give up so easily. Time to roll up the sleeves, come up with a new concept, this was the subsequent name of the game. As a result, TVG was the champion in the 3rd league East in a sensational final match and moved up into the second national league during the past season, for which the club has also recently been granted a license, thanks to the support of several sponsors.

One of the ″new" sponsors is also the REINHOLD KELLER Group. ″We made a deliberate decision in favor of TV Großwallstadt. For one, we already knew what lay ahead of us. After all, it isn’t the first time that we’ve supported the TVG. And secondly, we simply believe that you should support a club like this, a club that has made so many great things happen over so many decades for the region. Also especially with regard to the outstanding youth work,″ explained Christopher Bauer, and you can very clearly see that he is happy that the TVG is at least now in on the action in the second league again.

Both brands are certainly rich in tradition! Our company was founded as a little carpenter’s workshop in Bürgstadt in 1876 (that is, 11 years before the TVG). 142 years later, the REINHOLD KELLER Group – meanwhile now managed in the fifth generation by Manfred Bauer – is one of the global players. The sixth generation with the daughter Verena Bauer and son Christopher Bauer is ready for takeoff, too.

Sponsors TV Grosswallstadt

Despite all of the globality, we’re very deeply rooted in the region. By now, 550 people work in our woodworking medium-sized company that has now developed into a general contractor for integrated interior design.

Alongside all of the growth and work with global brands, being close to the region is just as important to us as being close to our employees. For example, a benefit family festival was held in 2016 for a severely ill colleague – completely organized through the group of employees with any and all support of the family Keller-Bauer. And time and again, an annual highlight is naturally the year-end party, too. The family, under the leadership of Mrs. Keller-Bauer, definitely never misses the opportunity to organize this event.

So it also goes without saying that the quota of tickets which are provided during the sponsoring are directly raffled among the interested employees. That’s because a handball game of the TVG (also called the Blue-White Hell) is an experience in a class of its own that you absolutely should have watched at least once.

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