AccorHotels, one of the world’s biggest hotel chains, titles their ibis hotels as the perfect place to retreat from everyday life with the slogan "For everyone who loves that certain something." Here, the "service" and "feel-good atmosphere" attributes are the top priority for business and leisure guests to an equal degree. Just like this brand message, the interior fit-out follows the ibis quality standards, too. In Landshut, fidelis hospitality Landshut GmbH, the operator of this hotel, has adapted this ibis standard, set new accents and brought in a little bit of local color as well.

ibis Landshut has 130 rooms, a fantastic, multifunctional lobby in a perfect location. The hotel is situated right next to the Landshut main train station and just 30 minutes away from the nearby Munich-Freising airport.

But the "mere" connection wasn’t the only thing that spoke in favor of the location. Landshut has myriad facets to offer. The old town is famous for its world cultural heritage site. This always makes Landshut worth a visit for tourists. Of course, the Lower Bavarian city can also call a nationally known historical festival its own with the "Landshut Wedding."

In addition, the city is one of Germany’s economically strongest municipalities with tremendous purchasing power. Alongside the service sector, the manufacturing industry is especially represented very intensively. Landshut is also known as a trade fair location.
This translates into many approaches for good occupancy of a hotel.

The ibis Landshut City has now had its gates open to guests for over 100 days. So time to inquire in more detail with Mr. Tobias Voss, Managing Director, and Dr. Björn Hackert, Authorized Signatory and Head of Organization & Communication of the owner-managed, mid-sized hotel operating company, fidelis hospitality GmbH.

Mr. Voss, Dr. Hackert, First off, many thanks for taking the time to give some insights into the joint ibis Landshut City project with us. And naturally, congratulations on the very successful design concept. So is there something that you’re especially proud of with this project?

Tobias Voss (TV) with a twinkle in his eye: "It is at least the most beautiful ibis hotel in Germany, if not even in Europe or worldwide. It clearly stands out from the other ibis hotels in terms of the interior design. We succeeded in creating something special here with Philipp Watts, an experienced designer from England, which is one-of-a-kind in this form for an ibis hotel."

Dr. Björn Hackert (BH): "First and foremost, our goal was to create a particularly high quality, unique product. That’s why we also deliberately opted for a designer who is not from Germany, who sees the market from a new angle and also brings in materials that are not necessarily standard for us. We took the ibis slogan "For everyone who loves that certain something" to heart here, and want to offer our guests in Landshut an individual, feel-good experience."

What turned the balance in favor of the Landshut location? And how satisfied are you with the first 100 days?

TV: "Landshut is a perfect locality for us as hotel operators. Thanks to immediate proximity to the main train station and direct train connections to the Munich airport, the city is very conveniently situated for transport, and gives travelers optimal overnight accommodation options. But our hotel is not only interesting for business guests. Landshut itself has a whole lot to offer. It has a wonderful old town and is the destination for many tourists.

Our guests have responded very positively so far, the hotel lives from its surprise effect. Guests who know ibis see something totally new here, are surprised and very positively impressed. The launch was a great success, too. Occupancy is fantastic and customer feedback confirms our path: It’s a hotel where you can feel good."

"A feel-good hotel" – great buzzword. The lobby completely stands out once again in terms of design. You did already mention Philipp Watts. What was your intention when designing the public areas?

BH: "In principle, the lobby interlinks two major themes. Firstly, the bar is the centerpiece, the central contact point of the public areas. In our case, it is not only the meeting point for sociable evenings, meal and drink requests, but also serves as the check-in. Thanks to this trick, we, in turn, create more space. For example, room for a nice lounge, where you can also check in comfortably online from the couch, without having to wait at the bar if necessary.

On the other hand, we’ve designed the public areas so that they, in a sense, breathe and can adapt to the circumstances. We can variably adapt the room situation with diverse sliding elements. In this way, we have enough room, e.g., for public viewings, but can also make the room correspondingly smaller for a more attractive feel-good atmosphere and use the spaces additionally created through this as conference and meeting rooms."

TV: "And the design underscores this enjoyable room situation once again with a wide array of highlights. Various sitting zones make the room more relaxed, in this way ensuring the necessary variety in the eye of the beholder.
It was also important for us to create a local reference. Single decorative elements, books, pictures and even the showcase dolls wearing traditional costumes that are almost a hundred years old should be an allusion to the famous "Landshut Wedding" – a part of Bavarian history.
Our lessor also had a special idea, who had a "heart point" with crystals, including lighting, planned in additionally right in the middle of the building. This should ensure positive energy in the house. Simply true to the motto: feel good and tank up on energy!"

Yes, we can only confirm that the lobby has simply turned out fantastically. We discovered the Landshut "skyline" in the rooms. Were other special changes made there?

BH: "The ibis room is perfectly planned. We haven’t changed anything there regarding the design or layout. But yes, as a little highlight, we switched over to a modified headboard with Landshut’s typical rows of houses in the individual guest rooms. And we also included a bigger TV than originally planned; otherwise, ibis quality standard."

And we were allowed to support this project as interior fitter – and were absolutely excited about the partnership-driven collaboration with you. So thank you for choosing us. But what exactly was the decisive factor for this?

TV: "We did not decide on REINHOLD KELLER as partner for the interior fit-out because you’re the cheapest provider on the market. Instead, the reason was that we’ve had so many positive and excellent experiences in previous projects. At the end of the day, it is more important to us to maintain top-notch project management and high quality interior design with transparent additional costs rather than having to head down long and difficult paths. This pays off very quickly. Especially when challenges sometimes arise in a project like this, we can now definitely say you meet here at eye level and the search is always for the best possible solution for all parties. This is how we envisage a partnership.
Another complicating factor at ibis Landshut was that English design ideas and English material selection had to, so to say, be "translated" into the German market. But in this case as well, the RK team found the right answers at all times. A huge thank you once again for this fantastic project management. We’re already looking forward to the next projects together with you.

We’d also like to thank our designer Philipp Watts. Thanks to him, we now have a new pearl in Landshut.
And of course, thank you goes out to our lessor, who went down this path with us and who made the radically new design possible.

Mr. Voss, Dr. Hackert, we are the ones who should be thanking you. Firstly, for the confidence you’ve been placing in us for quite some time now and secondly, for taking your time out for this interview. It was fun! Here’s to the next time!

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